We locally cultivate as many ingredients for our ferments as we can. Using natural and sustainable practices including wild harvesting, permaculture and biodynamics, we strive to minimize our energy footprint on the Earth while promoting an Earth-supporting culture.

By utilizing local raw ingredients and natural fermentation processes, this living food is created to be devoured. The flavors and textures of all ferments will change as the culture continues to grow.

Enjoy alone, on crackers, or in salads and sandwiches while helping us cultivate a better Earth.

Dilly Sun Roots or Ginger Sun Roots

Jerusalem artichokes
(Helianthus tuberosa)
The Sun Root, also known as , sun chokes, earth apples, and topinambour, is a member of the sunflower family native to the eastern U.S. Sliced fresh it has a juicy, crisp texture like a water chestnut with a light nutty flavor. It is a perennial crop that can be harvested for many years after planting, reducing the need for fossil fuels to plow the land, plant and weed every year, helping to reduce our impact on Mother Earth.


(Allium tricoccum)
Ramps, also known as wild leeks, are another perennial woodland plant native to the Eastern United States. Members of the Lily Family, they thrive in the shade of our majestic forests. Focus on leaf harvest allows the perennial bulbs opportunity for regrowth in years to come. Appropriately gathered from suitable habitats, Ramp culture requires no tillage, weeding or irrigation, thereby reducing our footprint on Gaia.