Dried Mushrooms

Our mushrooms are wild harvested from the majestic forests of Floyd County, Virginia or cultivated using woodchips and logs provided by local tree removal companies.

Chanterelles, Maitaike, and Oyster mushrooms grow in abundance in the temperate rain forests of Virginia’s Appalachia. Wild harvesting allows us to reduce our footprint on the Earth while producing a better flavor and life force than cultivated mushrooms.

Delicious Wine Caps and Shiitake mushrooms are easily cultivated in our region. Using the waste products from tree removal companies means that we have no need to cut or harvest trees that would otherwise live long, Earth-friendly lives.

We dry the mushrooms using a simple dehydrator, leaving them firm, tasty and ready to use. Rehydrating dried mushrooms is easy – simply soak in warm water to rehydrate and cook or toss into soups, stews, sautés or casseroles.

Chanterelle cibarius, C. lateritius
Chanterelle mushrooms are considered a delicacy around the world and is known for its delicate taste and hearty texture. Here in Floyd County, we are fortunate to have an abundance of them.

Grifola frondosa
These extraordinary mushrooms are a meaty and earthy flavored treat. They are wild harvested with an thought for sustainable forestry. Wild harvesting allows no need for fossil fuels as well as better flavor and life force than cultivated mushrooms.

Pleurotus ostreatus
Oyster mushrooms offer a meaty yet delicate vegan flavor of fresh seafood. They are rich in protein (up to 30 percent by dry weight), plentiful in B vitamins, have no cholesterol, and have significant levels of the cholesterol-lowering molecule lovastatin — up to 2.8 percent by dry weight.

Lentinula edodes
These are a delicious, meaty, log-grown mushroom. Native to the forests of southeast Asia, Shiitake are known to have been cultivated since the early 11th century for their hearty flavors and nutritional value. We work with local tree removal companies to utilize trees already being cut instead of cutting trees just to grow the mushrooms.

Wine caps
Stropharia rugosoannulata
These mushrooms are gourmet mushrooms grown on woodchips. We take a local waste product (wood chips) from tree removal companies and use them as mulch around trees, shrubs and other perennials. By growing mushrooms on the woodchips, we are utilizing permaculture techniques to reduce our impact on the Earth and create wonderful food. They have a mild nutty flavor.